Ashley Chin began acting in the BBC film ‘Storm Damage,’ he has also appeared in television programmes such as The Bill, Law and Order: UK, Waking the Dead and Silent Witness. He was also selected as the 2010 Trailblazer at the Edinburgh International Film Festival for his role of ‘Asad’ in Cherry Tree Lane. Ashley also wrote and produced a film that was later released in 40 UK cinemas as well as Sky Premier. The film was sold internationally and won the screen nation award for the Best British Film of 2012. Chin also played supporting roles in Starred Up and Anuvahood. He recently played the role of Mercutio in a National Theatre production of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Ashley has worked with over 10 youth organisations holding film workshops, where they have created short films about issues that the youth face. His eminent portfolio and interest in film have furthered his writing skills which demonstrate his aptitude and capacity to progress. ABC Life will utilise these skills and create poignant documentaries and film in order to captivate the youth of today.

"Hello sir, I've just watched your film, "Victim" What a film! Nyla's speech at the end made it bro! Wanted to thank you for the privelege of watching and congratulate you on making such a powerful film with a message that impacts possitively on people. Many of my closest friends are victims, they don't even know it! I hope when I make them watch your film (might have to be tactful) they will see. Keep up the good work bro! Not many people doing it and people do need it. I'm sure your film will have already saved and will in future save lives. In the same way that Tyson saved Victor's when he sent him home without his knife."

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  • I wouldn't have met some amazing people and help out with a truly fantastic charity. Also I wouldn't know myself without abc-life because it has helped to shape my path and has shown me options for the future I didn't know I had ;)
    Luke Smith

  • You have inspired me, with your poems you gave me hope when I was down, i thought if a man from the streets can change like that, so can I. I guess we are that Rose That Grew from Concrete with the help of God.

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