There will be a series of workshops held which are aimed at helping the youth achieve their goals and teaching them valuable skills. These workshops are listed below:

Film-making workshop

This will consist of the youth working together to create an educational film on life lessons, which they can later present to schools. They will each be given roles and responsibilities within the film such as technical and creative roles, as well as script-writing and photography roles. These will assist the youth in learning about the foundations of teamwork and leadership skills.

Youth issues workshop

AThese workshops will concentrate on the issues that the youth face and teach them how to deal with these issues in order to better their future.


These one-to-one mentoring sessions will be personalised for the individual in order for them to maximise the time.

Weekend retreats

These will consist of the life-coaching workshops where we will work on manners, principles and setting goals such as mental and physical goals as well as financial and family goals.

International Programme

This programme will allow the youth to work with orphans in other countries. These youth will be selected in accordance to who we feel will benefit the most from the experience. The programme will last up to two weeks and will be a life-changing experience.

How to contact us

To reach us, please visit our contact us page for our email and contact number, plus information on how to book.

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  • I wouldn't have met some amazing people and help out with a truly fantastic charity. Also I wouldn't know myself without abc-life because it has helped to shape my path and has shown me options for the future I didn't know I had ;)
    Luke Smith

  • You have inspired me, with your poems you gave me hope when I was down, i thought if a man from the streets can change like that, so can I. I guess we are that Rose That Grew from Concrete with the help of God.

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