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Email: - Telephone: 0203 700 3100

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For booking please complete the form below, When you send this form, we will email you to confirm receipt of the booking request. A further email will be sent to you to confirm you have booked, or to advise you of any waiting list. This is usually sent within 3 working days of the initial booking request.

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To reach us, please visit our contact us page for our email and contact number, plus information on how to book

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  • I wouldn't have met some amazing people and help out with a truly fantastic charity. Also I wouldn't know myself without abc-life because it has helped to shape my path and has shown me options for the future I didn't know I had ;)
    Luke Smith

  • You have inspired me, with your poems you gave me hope when I was down, i thought if a man from the streets can change like that, so can I. I guess we are that Rose That Grew from Concrete with the help of God.

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