About us

ABC Life is a creative, motivational global charity dedicated to helping the youth achieve positive outcomes. ABC Life believes in doing everything they can to help the youth express their aspirations and create a better future for themselves.

...a better future for themselves.

Who we are

ABC Life was founded by Ashley Belal Chin, a renowned global life coach, actor and poet. Ashley has experienced both the gangster and celebrity lifestyle; he is an exemplary role model for the youth as he has demonstrated how it is possible for an individual to turn their life around. Having starred in over 20 British films and television programmes, Ashley has established a unique method of teaching and inspiring others through the use of poetry and words. His focal point is the youth and enabling them to create a better future for themselves.

What we do

By using their collective experience in the film and writing industry, ABC Life create powerful documentaries and hold workshops to evoke a response within the youth, enabling them to think about the obstacles that prevent them from achieving. The workshops vary from writing sessions to motivational workshops as well as life-coaching sessions. They also produce literature to both support and nurture the youth. Seminars and events are held for the youth to attend. ABC Life work globally in order to encourage and maximise the benefit for the youth. In the future, there will be an 8 week programme, consisting of examining the thought process of the youth to challenge both their views and behaviours. Workshops are personalised according to the individual in order to utilise the benefits of the time. Each programme implements key principles for the youth to learn in order for them to prepare for their future. These consist of being well mannered and organised, personal hygiene, spirituality and physical health.

Why we do it

The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow. They are being neglected and ABC Life believe that it is important to educate them so they can move forward to make better decisions for themselves. ABC Life hope to encourage the youth to evaluate their situations by integrating the knowledge and wisdom that is taught to them, in order for them to empower and teach others to strive.

How to contact us

To reach us, please visit our contact us page for our email and contact number, plus information on how to book.

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  • I wouldn't have met some amazing people and help out with a truly fantastic charity. Also I wouldn't know myself without abc-life because it has helped to shape my path and has shown me options for the future I didn't know I had ;)
    Luke Smith

  • You have inspired me, with your poems you gave me hope when I was down, i thought if a man from the streets can change like that, so can I. I guess we are that Rose That Grew from Concrete with the help of God.

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